Capturing life’s most precious moments.

Hi, I’m Sandy. My husband and I lived in Loudoun County for over 30 years. We moved to Clarke County in 2015.

I have always loved taking pictures of family and friends but until now I have concentrated on raising and caring for my family. With the encouragement of my family and friends, I am now following my dream of photographing and creating memories for others.

Seniors of 2021

Now is your time to shine and get your portraits taken for the 2021 school year! Fall is very busy with getting your SAT’s done, applying for your College so call today to schedule your summer session. The time is now, so let’s do this 😉


Who is ready to get out of their house, and enjoy the fresh air?  I know you are more than ready for me to get my camera back in my hands and take pictures…of YOU, in the most Covid-19 safe and friendly manner possible.  Call today so you can tell me your vision of a…

It’s Labor Day Weekend

It is Labor Day Weekend and I have a full schedule ahead of me.  One of the things I am doing is updating my photography resume.  I am taking a class on Monday with a famous photographer from out of the Country.  I am SO excited about this and even more excited to share with…

Summer Time

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  And, I also hope that you are doing everything possible to photograph all your events, hikes, picnics and vacations.  We are getting close to the beginning of school and I will be advertising for back to school minis.  Stay tuned for more details and keep enjoying your summer!


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